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24 December 2009 @ 06:18 pm
Hai you guise.
I am here with some very unpleasant, or rather unsettling, or unnerving or upsetting news...

After some researchful researches, comparing photographic evidence with literature on the subject, I had no choice but to conclude Carlos. D. is indeed all sorts of ~*evul*~.

He is:

When I confronted him (well, not really, I ran away scared..) this was


Just to comfort you after such a distressing string of photo's I've got a biscuit for everyone! (please note said biscuit is made of own imagination.) Enjoy!

In case you've missed these: (yes. this is shameless self-promotion but as we all know I am in good company here.. *referring to pic of teh Interpol with a certain somebody wearing a certain somebody's name on his tee* but I can't find said pic on my computer and I can't be arsed to venture out onto teh intrawebz to find it.. so um, anybody?)

P.S. I know my macrolanguageskillz~ aren't the best, they all just sound like:

P.P.S. Just in case you're wondering I used to be intrp0l  but then my interests shifted from Interpol to food. Sandwiches to be precise. Bai now.
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